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'Coaching is built on the belief that the solution is inside you'

Individual coaching for professionals

When you're facing challenges or roadblocks in your personal or professional life, coaching can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate these obstacles and achieve your goals. With a certified coach, you will explore your current mental state, delve into your unconscious thoughts and behaviors, and explore sources of motivation and energy.

By sharing your experiences and reflecting on them, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your mind's patterns and develop effective strategies for positive change. Together, we'll work on enhancing your self-awareness, personal leadership, self-confidence, and resilience.

My coaching specializes in stress management, improved focus, uncovering hidden strengths, and finding the right balance between personal and professional life. I bring together the principles of Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to create a holistic approach that supports your overall well-being and personal growth.

Coaching sessions can be conducted online or face-to-face, with the option of incorporating nature walks into our discussions. The duration of the coaching program is typically 3 to 5 sessions, tailored to your individual needs and goals.


At a certain point I was not able to deal anymore with the stress (especially at work) and all those thoughts (responsibility towards family, often away from home) in my mind. Once in contact with Suzan, we started with coaching sessions in nature. Each session was a walk in nature where Suzan used present elements around us to create clarity and insights. I got the chance to know myself better, especially through the practice where I had to shape my "state of being". Making a drawing with elements from nature, to express how   I felt at that moment. Afterwards we analysed and discussed the results together.

 The sessions helped me to create space in my head & my mind, and to accelerate again in my work. It’s something I regularly discuss with my team, as I’m convinced that it’s important that every employee will get the opportunity to participate in this kind of sessions to learn more about him/herself.


Suzan is an active listener. During my coaching process she was able to make me aware of my strengths and possibilities.

She understands very well the importance of how the physical body and the mental state of mind are connected. 


Suzan always listens to you with attention. She understands you and gives you a safe feeling of trust & confidence. Because of her engaging & balanced personality she is a good example. But above all she has inspired me with beautiful exercises and practices in nature. She is made to coach other people! 

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