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Workshop Social Styles - Half day

The Social Style model is a simple, practical tool for understanding the different personality styles of each person. It is divided in four unique behavioural patterns, each representing a colour. 

Participants of this workshop use the outcome of the Social Style questionnaire to become more self-aware, to recognize patterns and to build on their strengths. It provides them feedback in their own preferred behaviour style. This self-knowledge is important to create a better and stronger relationship with their colleagues & customers.

Outdoor Team Building Programme - Full day

Team building in nature will be used as a safe and exciting practice field where teams are confronted with their true instincts,  (in)effective habits and thinking patterns.

To create a positive energy in the team, the training will start with different team building energizers and exercises. By being in nature and using mindfulness techniques, team members will be able to use their senses and creativity much better. As a result they will be engaged, more focused, acting as one team which is the main factor for achieving success.

Rick Leerentveld, Founder Naranjatec: 

It was a great experience to participate in a Social Styles workshop with Suzan. She really makes it very interactive and, in my case, let's you discover interesting insights about yourself. I can really recommend it to anyone, especially for business teams.

Olivier Jager, CEO at ForwardKeys: 

It's been a real pleasure working together with Suzan. She led our Team Building activity in the beautiful surroundings of Valencia and she was able to set the tone of our company event, using mother nature as a backbone. Suzan is extremely enthusiastic about her work, and that is infectious! Her experience, her energy and her ability to adapt quickly allowed her to re-energize our team.

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