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I help you to train the mental strength of
Young Professionals

MINDGym Program

 Mental Gym

Individual coaching 

Young employees increasingly encounter high workloads and experience the performance-oriented society as demanding. Above-average absenteeism and unnecessary employee turnover is the result.

According to a Deloitte study from 2022, four in 10 Gen Z-ers quit their jobs within two years because they struggle with work-life balance and constant stress. Recent figures from the Trimbos Institute also show that 17% of employees experience burnout symptoms.

This isn't necessary!


My name is Suzan Grootscholten. 

 As a mental trainer and coach I empower Young Professionals by building their mental resilience from the start

As a former HR professional, I understand the critical role that physical and mental health play in fostering a healthy work environment and driving organizational success.

Through my personal experience and training, I have learned the importance of recognising your talents and energizers, regularly reflecting on them, and developing resilience and optimism.

In today's tight labor market, with Gen Z's tendency to switch jobs when faced challenges, many companies risk losing talented employees. Therefore, preventive investment in employee health and vitality is crucial. 

MINDGym Program

This scientifically validated training program equips young professionals with the mental strength and resilience they need to thrive. By cultivating self-awareness of their talents and energizers, they can develop long-term success and navigate challenges effectively.

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