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MasterClass Mental Gym

Mind Gym at the workplace

With growing stress levels and anxiety, mindfulness and meditation can support CEO's, HR & Health managers and their staff to better deal with the uncertainties within today’s new realities.

MINDtreat  offers (online and offline) a full awareness programme at the workplace which starts with a 1-hour MasterClass Mind Gym. This event is very easy accessible and doesn't require any experience. 


Duration: 60 minutes

Taking care of your body by doing physical exercises is a very common way of staying in shape. But why don't we take more care of our minds?


Train your Brain with the MasterClass ‘Mental Gym’ - To help you to stay mentally fit and prepared for dealing with difficult situations and stress. Elements and exercises of positive psychology and Mindfulness will help you to battle common challenges such as negative thoughts, concentration problems & restlessness.

Find out more? Drop me a message or whatsapp at +34 648 470 181

Diego & Brenda Kooy, owners of Solits

We like to expose our colleagues to all kind of information, from workshops on how to improve our production skills to tips on what we can do to develop a healthier lifestyle.


This time we chose for an introduction to mindfulness and we invited Suzan to explain our team more about Mindfulness & attention. Suzan understood that a proper meditation practice would be a step too far for this group, so she focused on explaining how the mind works with the help of a simple exercise to experience it.


Suzan was well prepared. She really believes in the practice of mindfulness. She knows the obstacles and feels the call to reach out to others so that more people can reach inner peace, to everyone’s benefit. Thank you Suzan!!

Bridge into the Woods
'The only journey is the one within' - Rainer Maria Rilke
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