Online Mindfulness MasterClass

An introduction to Mindfulness at work

With growing stress levels and anxiety, mindfulness and meditation can support CEO's, HR & Health managers and their staff to better deal with the uncertainties within today’s new realities.

MINDtreat  offers a full online Awareness programme at the workplace which starts with a 1-hour Mindfulness MasterClass. This online event is very easy accessible and doesn't require any experience. The employee can connect and login (via a preferred communication tool) from any workplace.


During the MasterClass I will explain what Mindfulness is and how it could support staff to improve their focus & concentration. To experience and practice mindfulness, I will guide the participants through a short meditation during the class.


Duration: 60 minutes

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'The only journey is the one within' - Rainer Maria Rilke

MINDtreat training & coaching - Valencia Spain