Online Mindfulness Meditation

Do you want to stay mentally healthy during this crisis? 

The impact of Covid-19 is big. Our world leaders are paying billions on aid to repair the economy.

But how much of that will be dedicated to keep our mind healthy and focus on the mental well being of people?


With growing stress levels and anxiety, mindfulness and meditation can support us to better deal with the uncertainties within today’s new realities.

I offer online meditation sessions (in Dutch or English) for all types of organisations who want to take care of their employees. With this to cultivate you get a chance to support your most valuable asset to battle common challenges such as negative thoughts, concentration problems & restlessness.


Find out more? Drop me a message or whatsapp at +34 648 470 181

Amparo Ferrando, Head of People at ForwardKeys: 

Some 'quotes' from our staff about the weekly online mindfulness meditation sessions:

'Suzan has a very nice and inspiring voice, she gives good vibes and does great guiding. I like it very much'.

'I appreciate starting the day with a little peace of mind'.

'I like the meditation sessions with Suzan. I'm sorry if they finish end of this month. In case the sessions will be extended, I would keep joining, as I'm working a lot and struggling to make some time for myself. 



'The only journey is the one within' - Rainer Maria Rilke

MINDtreat training & coaching - Valencia Spain