'Teamwork makes things happen more than anything else in organisations'.

Mindful training will support to pay attention to things that matter, to active listen to each other and to better work together. Mindful teambuilding in nature will be used as a safe and exciting practice field where teams are confronted with their

true instincts, (in)effective habits and thinking patterns.


To create a positive energy in the team, I will start with different teambuilding energizers and exercises. By being in nature, using mindfulness techniques, team members will be able to use their senses and creativity much better. As a result they will be engaged, more focused, acting as one team which is the main factor for achieving succes.

The benefits of mindful training are less distraction, better focus and a higher productivity. It reduces anxiety, rumination and stress. 

Olivier Jager, CEO at ForwardKeys: 

It's been a real pleasure working together with Suzan. She led our Teambuilding activity in the beautiful surroundings of Valencia and she was able to set the tone of our company event, using mother nature as a backbone. Suzan is extremely enthusiastic about her work, and that is infectious! Her experience, her energy and her ability to adapt quickly allowed her to re-energize our team.

Mindful coaching for individuals

'Coaching is built on the belief that the solution is inside you'.

Mindful coaching increases self-awareness by paying attention to the right things, at the right moment. At the same time it gives you choice and freedom. Being in nature will help you to use all your senses and to better listen to your inner voice. After 3-4 coaching sessions your physical, emotional and mental well-being will improve.


By asking open questions in a mindful way and active listening we will define your goal.

As moving through the coaching process, you will recognize your autopilot and your patterns. You will learn more about yourself and you will realise that you always have a choice.


Suzan is an active listener. During my coaching process she was able to make me aware of my strengths and possibilities.

She understands very well the importance of how the physical body and the mental state of mind are connected. 


Suzan luistert naar je, ze begrijpt je en geeft je het gevoel er voor je te zijn. Ik vind haar vooral ook een voorbeeld, door haar

innemende en evenwichtige persoonlijkheid. Maar bovenal heeft ze me blijvend geïnspireerd met mooie oefeningen en opdrachten.

Ze is gemaakt om andere mensen te coachen.

MINDtreat training & coaching - Valencia Spain