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Preventive 8 week program

Just as physical exercise strengthens our muscles and keeps our bodies healthy, mental training strengthens our brains and keeps our minds sharp.

When we engage in regular mental exercise, we can improve our memory, attention, concentration, and problem-solving skills. This can lead to several benefits, including increased happiness, better focus, and improved resilience.


The Training Mind Gym is a 8 week interactive group program that helps individuals and organizations improve their mental well-being and performance.


The program is designed to help participants:

  • Learn how to train their brains and stay mentally fit

  • Deal with difficulties, disappointment, and stress effectively

  • Increase awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and behavior

  • Develop resilience and confidence

  • Battle common challenges such as negative thoughts and restlessness

  • Focus on positive emotions


The program is based on the latest scientific research in positive psychology and mindfulness.

Duration: sessions of 60 minutes

Frequency: once a week, for a period of 8 weeks

Group size: maximum of 10 participants


Language: in English or Dutch

Location: online/ offline


Diana, employee Vanderlande

Suzan is a very experienced and skilled Mind Gym trainer. She is committed, relaxed and has a good understanding of the people. Suzan is very helpful and she creates a supportive and encouraging learning environment for the participants.

Ricardo, student University of Valencia

Suzan presented the material in a clear and structured way. She created a safe and open space to share personal experiences. I would highly recommend this course to fellow students

Hanna, Erasmus student

Suzan is a great trainer. She is energetic and enthusiastic, and she makes the learning process fun and engaging.I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing my experiences with the other students. 

Bridge into the Woods
'The only journey is the one within' - Rainer Maria Rilke
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