Personal leadership

We are riding the wave of the 24-hour economy. Always connected, easily distracted and difficult to stay focused. 

For many of us, our ability to pay real attention is going down. Half of our precious time we are ‘mind wandering’. We are not paying attention to what we are doing or experiencing. Instead we are off task, distracted, ineffective, which make us feel stressed, disengaged and unsatisfied.

My name is Suzan and I'm supporting organisations and their employees in a mindful way to deal with these challenges. Consider it as a ‘treat’ for your mind, by introducing ‘calm attention’ as the main driver for a more balanced (work) life.


The training & coaching program of MINDtreat is focused around personal leadership and how to pay dedicated attention in a kind, open and non-judging way.

The 5-day Mindfulness retreat is very much 'down-to-earth' and open for everyone who is looking for inner peace.


Are you taking leadership of your own life? 

MINDtreat training & coaching - Valencia Spain