Personal leadership

You are riding the wave of the 24-hour economy. Always connected. Easily distracted. Difficult to stay focused. 

For many of us, our ability to pay real attention is going down. 47% of our time we are ‘mind wandering’- not paying attention to what we are doing. That means that almost half of our time we are off task. Distracted. Ineffective. Stressed. Disengaged.

I’m supporting people and teams in a mindful way to deal with these challenges. Consider it as a ‘treat’ for your mind, by introducing ‘calm attention’ as the main driver for a more balanced (work) life.


The training & coaching program of MINDtreat is focused around how to pay dedicated attention in a kind, open and non-judging way.

The 5-day Mindfulness retreat is very much 'down-to-earth' and open for everyone who is looking for inner peace. 

"Stepping out of 'autopilot' and make choices about how you want to live your life".

MINDtreat training & coaching - Valencia Spain