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Mindfulness is not getting rid of our thoughts, but it is about noticing what kind of thoughts are there. 

Most of our thoughts are repetitive, negative, one-sided and untrue. They directly affect our behaviour and feelings, without us being aware of that. 


With mindfulness we are practicing being aware of our thoughts in this moment. It's about discovering patterns in the mind and body in relationship to the thoughts, without judging or striving, with kindness & acceptance.


'Looking AT thoughts rather than FROM thoughts'. 


Mindfulness allows us to develop a better relationship with our thoughts (and emotions) through a deep understanding of how the mind works.Where are thoughts coming from? Do you believe those thoughts? Do you recognise a pattern? Can you influence it?


Here are some tips:


  • Write down your worries, keep a diary. By putting (negative) thoughts on paper, you create overview and space in your head & you ultimately experience more rest

  • Let go of the things that you have no influence on

  • Be kind to yourself; accept negative thoughts and feelings. Realize that everyone is struggling with uncertainties, especially in these uncertain and hectic times.

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